Dick and Betsy DeVos Culture of Philanthropy

The culture of giving in the DeVos family started a long time ago with the father of Dick and Betsy. In 2015 it was estimated the DeVos family donated over $104 million. The phenomenal donation made the family to be in the 24th place on the ‘America’s Top Givers’ Forbes list. Dick and Betsy have also come out to lift the veil over the $139 million donations they have made in their lifetime. Their political donations have been geared towards support the political activities of Republican and the education system for years.


Betsy has been nominated as the Education Secretary in the United States. Due to the huge contributions, she has been making, she is now under scrutiny. According to a financial report published by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, theDeVos who are passionate about charitable courses gave over $11.6 million. The figure was twice the amount they had donated in the previous year.


In 2015, the DeVos allocated 26% of their charitable donations to sponsor education. This is a clear sign the foundation values education. This could be the reason why Betsy was nominated for the position of Education Secretary. They also gave another 3 percent of their $5.3 million to companies that are passionate about reforming the education system. The couple has indicated in a past interview that they are not comfortable with the education system. They believe it is not perfect enough to realize the American dream. They also believe the teachers who work hard can achieve better results if they were working in a better system.


DeVos Culture of Giving


Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos run a foundation by the name Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They started the foundation in 1989 and together they have supported different programs like reforms in the education sector through scholarships. In the education system, they believe the current system of allocating students to specific schools is not right and need to be replaced. They have also supported the religious groups in a big way. Dick and the wife Betsy have also been passionate about labor unions by supporting employees not to be compelled to become members of unions.


Dick DeVos who is the co-founder of Amway was born in October 1955. DeVoswas born in Grand Rapids. He attended Northwood University where he earned a degree in business administration. He also attended Forest Hills Public school. Since he was young, his parents would testify he was full of leadership skills. He used to speak in public and great guests with confidence. He served in the Michigan State Board of Education for two years. The contribution to the education sector shows the couple is passionate about sponsoring education system. This is because of their contribution to the education sector has remained phenomenal.

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