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A Consumer’s Need For Securus Technology

A Thousand Employees And Over 2,600 Correctional Contracts


Securus Technologies is an agency that brings innovation and better technology to the safety needs of private facilities. There’s a clear line in the world of safety that’s only visible through the work of agencies like Securus. The world of criminals goes well beyond what we think and know of daily.


The complications of safety in the private field require advanced technology and an understanding of the complete resources that criminals have. To accomplish its daily tasks, Securus puts into use over 2,600 contracts that keeps it serving most of the U.S. correctional market.



Everything In Society Is A Team Effort


We accomplish very little as a society if we don’t work together. The challenges we face in a developing world are those that need the insight and cooperation of thousands of people. This is the type of innovation brought by the Securus name and the work they’ve completed since operation.


The teamwork of Securus creates daily solutions as used in private facilities everyday. That advanced technology leverages visual data, voice data, temperature controls and self-automating functions. The work of safety takes into account the factor of human error and minimizes it.



How 1,000 Employees Play Their Part


Securus is both a substantial engineer and manufacturer. The agency leverages thousands of employees for the sole benefit of safety. The firm’s creativity and resources protect the lives of many American citizens as well as the professionals working in correctional facilities.


We often see the magnitude of what many facilities use to house inmates in. The picture that rarely gets seen is how well of an operation these facilities have. There’s a complicated maze in every office, and the safety needs inside are greater than those that exist in the outside world.


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How is Securus Technologies Increasing Prison Security?

If I look back over all the years I have been working as a corrections officer in our state jail and compare violent outbreaks, this year has by far been the most dangerous. The volatile mix of drugs, weapons, and overcrowded conditions has finally reached a tipping point, and if we didn’t take action now, the jail could easily become impossible to control. Despite all of my fellow officers efforts, the violence was getting to the point that now guests and prison staff were being affected.


Our superiors reached out to Securus Technologies in an effort to try and maintain some order in our facility. Securus Technologies created a revolutionary call monitoring system that is capable of scanning every call every inmate makes on the house phones and isolate conversations about things like drugs, weapons, violence, contraband, fighting, and gangs. While the system is scanning those calls, we don’t need to tie up our officers in that call center any longer, so we have more officers on the grounds on the front lines maintaining order.


Securus Technologies already has 2.600 of these same inmate monitoring systems installed in jails all around the country. The company CEO, Rick Smith, says his company is dedicated to making our jobs safer. The LBS software is an essential key to the overall success of the system, identifying chatter and alerting my team instantly so that we can be in the position to take immediate action before the problem occurs.


After only a few weeks of the new monitoring system running, we have seen violence on the steady decline. Thanks to the Securus Technologies system, we discovered an inmate selling drugs, an inmate hiding drugs in his cell, where weapons were hidden in the yard, and how drugs were smuggled through our jail visitor center.


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Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas Texas. Securus Technologies is one of the largest providers of detainee communications, parolee tracking services as well as government information services.


The company provides criminal justice technology based solutions which increases safety and makes the whole incarceration process a bit more modern for inmates as well as their family, friends and legal counsel.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and Richard Falcone is the current CEO of the company. In 2015 the company announced that they had invested more than $500 million dollars in technological acquisitions as well as patents. The organization has undergone exceptional growth since its inception.


In 2015 Securus introduced its “Call Defender Technology System“. One year later the company introduced their new “Wireless Containment Solution”. The “Wireless Containment System” was designed to protect mobile network systems. With this system in place, a person could no longer access mobile networks without some kind of advance authorization.


Securus now offers an inmate debit funding solution. The debit funding solution involves the use of an inmate debit account to cover the cost of inmate calls. In addition, the company also offers video visitation services for inmates. Video visitation involves some of the most modern technology that makes visiting an imate as easy and safe as ever.


Phone solutions offered include the Advance Connect service, Direct Bill, Traditional Collect and Inmate Debit. Advance Connect is a pre paid account which places you in full control of your calling practices.


Direct Bill enables you to receive calls from inmates. Once you receive inmate calls you are simply sent a bill for services at the end of the month. Traditional Collect allows a person to receive traditional collect calls from inmates. Once the person accepts a collect call, the calls are added to the customers phone bill at the end of the billing cycle.


The Debit Funding Solution is one of the newest and most popular services offered by Securus Technologies. This service appears to be the most preferred by customers.


Finally, Jail Voicemail is a service that has gained considerable popularity over the past few years. It is now possible to leave important messages for someone whom is incarcerated with no hassle at all. Once a message is left by VM for an inmate you can be assured they will receive the message within 10 minutes.


Placing and receiving calls from a jail or prison was once a complicated task. However, Securus has revolutionized communication techniques for those who are incarcerated. Communication between family and loved ones has never been easier.