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Orange Coast College Shows Talent in Rowing Year after Year

Basking in the sun, eight individuals are oaring in Newport Harbor covered in sweat which glistens on their skin under the sun. In the middle of the harbor, a yellow needle measuring at 60 feet long is cutting through the water at 25 miles per hour.


As the Orange Coast College students are rowing away, one specific individual is full of adrenaline and yells at the top of his lungs, “2017 Nationals, Yeah”.


There is a limited number of amateur sports still left and rowing is one of them. The divine division of grace, unity and power is at the heart of the 9 people who work hard to stay in sync with one another. Learn more:


The team what is well known departs from Orange County on Thursday, May 25th. They are headed to the Nationals in Lake Lanier, Ga. All of the students are embodying their competitiveness which inches them forward in humanity.


The captain of the team, Daniel Amado is 22 and is a graduate of Los Alamitos High School. Before rowing for Orange Coast College, Daniel rowed in high school. Before this year, Daniel was unable to row after once breaking a disk in his back. After the break, Daniel was forced to sit out for a period of time to allow for his back to rest and heal.


Daniel speaks of using rowing as a way to bounce back from the injury. He speaks of using the last few years to pump up before heading to the University of Washington. The team at Washington is known to be a powerhouse and you have to be able to be physical as well as the mentality needed to row long periods of time.


Entering into the David A. Grant Rowing Center leaves a feeling of traveling back in history. The school has taken many trophies home when they won 11 National Titles. It was just last year when they took home their last title. Once inside, you are greeted by boats that are neatly stacked and red and white title flags hanging on the walls that display their national titles status from previous years.