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Israeli Ambassador Defies Odds and Visits Bradford City

The fiery but very capable ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub, did not cancel his visit to Britain’s Bradford City despite the declaration of Bradford West Member of Parliament George Galloway his constituency electorate an Israel-Free Zone.

A news report cited Ambassador Daniel Taub’s invitation coming from the Bradford West community to conduct several meetings with members of the local government council, leaders of the clergy, and different organizations.

MP Galloway’s Harsh Remarks

Observers believe the controversial remarks of the MP stressing the city must not accommodate tourists, commodities, or services from Israel prompted the invitation for Israeli diplomat Daniel Taub. Meanwhile, the ambassador commented that his thoughts on Bradford differed extensively from the actions of Galloway.

Taub’s brief visit does not reflect the opinion of the British lawmaker but that of the City and its population. British authorities initiated a probe on Galloway after his statements caused a chorus of disapproval on social media networks. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Galloway has become known for his prejudice against Israel and Israelis. He earned the title of “Racist” after walking out of a debate after learning that his challenger would be coming from Israel. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

At the same time, the legislator aired weird conspiracy theories publicly claiming that Israel engineered the conflict in Ukraine and supplied chemical armaments to the Al-Qaeda terrorist group. Ironically, he denied these recorded comments.

Ambassador Taub’s Position

Daniel Taub said his visit to Bradford promotes dialogues and friendly relationships. The ambassador accepted the invitation because he espouses those very same tenets.

He took a jab at Galloway by declaring that MP Galloway does not stand for the citizens of that city. Daniel Taub even pointed out the history of collaboration between Israel and Bradford. Pro-Israeli supporters have circulated a video clip of their access to Bradford to counter the observations of George Galloway.

Daniel Taub’s Bio and Credentials

Ambassador Daniel Taub is a full-pledged British having been born in the UK (Great Britain) in 1962. He studied in three different institutions – Oxford’s University College, Kennedy School of Government (Harvard), and London’s University College.

Taub went back to his native country in 1989 to serve the IDF or Israeli Defense Forces as a reserve officer and member of the medical unit. He served as Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 until 2015. After retirement from the government of Israel, Daniel Taub joined the Yad Hanadiv Organization as planning and strategy director based in Jerusalem.

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A Consumer’s Need For Securus Technology

A Thousand Employees And Over 2,600 Correctional Contracts


Securus Technologies is an agency that brings innovation and better technology to the safety needs of private facilities. There’s a clear line in the world of safety that’s only visible through the work of agencies like Securus. The world of criminals goes well beyond what we think and know of daily.


The complications of safety in the private field require advanced technology and an understanding of the complete resources that criminals have. To accomplish its daily tasks, Securus puts into use over 2,600 contracts that keeps it serving most of the U.S. correctional market.



Everything In Society Is A Team Effort


We accomplish very little as a society if we don’t work together. The challenges we face in a developing world are those that need the insight and cooperation of thousands of people. This is the type of innovation brought by the Securus name and the work they’ve completed since operation.


The teamwork of Securus creates daily solutions as used in private facilities everyday. That advanced technology leverages visual data, voice data, temperature controls and self-automating functions. The work of safety takes into account the factor of human error and minimizes it.



How 1,000 Employees Play Their Part


Securus is both a substantial engineer and manufacturer. The agency leverages thousands of employees for the sole benefit of safety. The firm’s creativity and resources protect the lives of many American citizens as well as the professionals working in correctional facilities.


We often see the magnitude of what many facilities use to house inmates in. The picture that rarely gets seen is how well of an operation these facilities have. There’s a complicated maze in every office, and the safety needs inside are greater than those that exist in the outside world.


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The Importance of Reading According To Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is someone who has served as an Israeli Ambassador. During his service, he has gained plenty of life lessons that he is willing to share with people of various walks of life. His life lessons will seem like common sense to some people, but these days, it is important for people to be reminded about what is important to a successful and fulfilling life. Given that Daniel Taub has learned these life lessons, he is going to take it with him in the next phases of his life. He is willing to share these life lessons with anyone who asks.


One important lesson that Daniel Taub has shared is that it is important to be mindful of what is read. There are plenty of books and documents that people can look up. Anything that is read can be very influential in the lives of individuals. One of the best things about reading is that it can help people learn what they need to know about any topic that they are interested in. Reading is also very important for people who have goals that are related to the improvement of their lives.


Another good thing about reading is that it can help aspiring entrepreneurs figure out the market that they are trying to be a part of. This is the era of start ups and entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is important for people to be able to learn about the industry or market that they are going to be a part of. However, reading can also be for entertainment and enjoyment. Daniel Taub loves reading classic stories. One story deals with the possible outcome if the State of Israel was established 10 years earlier.


One of the reasons that Daniel Taub reads is to keep in touch with his culture and also influence it. Reading is one of the things that has helped him as an ambassador. He urges people to be mindful of what they read and look to a wide variety of works so that they can gain some insights and wisdom. Reading enables people to get the information they need for any task they need. Learn more:




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Malcolm Casselle: A Trend Setter for WAX

WAX or Worldwide Asset eXchange was created as a platform to allow everyone to be part of a market dealing in demonstrating the power of tokenising the items in the games and virtual game assets. WAX will create markets for games to reduce the cost of transfer of their assets along with dividing the
profits of the players earned from the central exchanges. The tokenisation of in-game items will enable the users to create a more accessible and new economy so that the potential of their ownership of
virtual assets can be expanded into physical assets. Under the supervision of Malcolm CasSelle, the President of WAX, the gaming industry ignited the world of cryptocurrency to the normal marketplaces.

Earlier Malcolm CasSelle was an active investor and entrepreneur who invested in various companies like Zynga, Facebook along with the companies related to Bitcoin. Today he is the President of World Asset eXchange or WAX and the CIO of OPSkins. Before joining WAX Malcolm also served a number of companies as top executive posts like President and CTO of New Venture at Tronc Inc. 

Prior to Tronc Inc. he also served at SeaChange International in 2015 as General Manager and Vice President of its Digital Media. He joined this company as part of its acquisition program of Timeline Labs, when he was CEO of the company.

CasSelle studied at MIT to get the bachelor’s degree in computer science. He got his master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University. Along with his master’s degree he was also capable to speak mandarin and Japanese languages fluently. Before starting his professional career CasSelle supported several start-ups in digital industry like Xfire, MediaPass and a joint venture of Chinese company Tencent and Groupon. He started his professional career in 1995 as CTO and co-founder of NetNoir which was one of the initial medial production websites based on the culture of Afro-Centric region.

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Betsy DeVos Against the Bill to Revoke the Transgender Bathroom Order

While Barack Obama was President of the U. S., he did many great things for the country and took care of minorities such as transgender people. Previously, there had been confusion and a sense of unease and lack of security. Barack Obama introduced an order allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity. That allowed students to feel safer on campus.


With the new president came new problems, however, and transgender people are feeling more unsafe than ever. Students on campus have expressed their outrage after Trump revoked the Transgender Bathroom Order sending the nation into devastation. That single move allowed people to bully and harass transgender students without the fear of repercussions. The regulation had been enforced fir a reason by President Barack Obama and it significantly decreased bullying on campus. Trump, however, has expressed his opinion that transgender people do not need protection and others harassing them should not be a problem.


The Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos had opposed the bill to revoke the Transgender Bathroom Order as she feared the adverse consequences that transgender students would suffer if the order is revoked. That was one of the few times that students and teachers showed any kind of support for DeVos but it was all gone in a flash after she submitted to Trump’s pressure. Having signed the bill for revoking the Transgender Bathroom Order, Betsy DeVos expressed dedication towards her vow to protect every individual student from harm. Trump has also vowed to do so according to protocol but the businessman does not seem to remember and dismissed the reminder by Betsy DeVos with a wave of the hand at a recent conference session.


So, what is next for transgender students? How safe are they on campus now that President Obama’s protection has been revoked? The answer is grim. Transgender students, fellow students, and teachers have taken it to the streets and to social media to fight against the bill but so far Trump has been ignoring their rightful protests.


Meanwhile, Betsy DeVos is trying to amend the situation. She spoke about her disagreement with Trump’s objective to endanger transgender students and said she did not have the power to stir things in the right direction. Betsy DeVos stated she would not mind being worked out of the job as long as she keeps her promise to the students which is commendable.


In the past, Betsy DeVos has been strongly dedicated to charity in the education sector. She has donated a large part of her fortune to school, universities, as well as Christian schools. Her involvement in charity was only made stronger after the start if the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

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Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin is an Irish labor activist and the founder of one of the largest Irish labor movement in history the Irish Transport and General Workers Union ITGWU. Jim was born in 1876 in Liverpool, England. James grew up in Liverpool, and his parents could barely afford to take him to a good school to have formal education.

James, as a result, started working in the informal sector and did a series of manual jobs before being appointed as a foreman at the Liverpool docks. James while working at the docks developed a passion for fighting for workers right. He believed that many workers were not treated fairly by their employers and their rights were being violated. These prompted him to join a workers Union going by the name National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL). Read more: James Larkin | Biography

By the year 1905, Jim had already turned into a full-time workers activist and was appointed to the position of organizing secretary at NUDL. As the lead organizer, Larkin organized a series of strike using the militant strike method something that was not received well by NUDL union officials.

As a result, Larkin was transferred to represent workers in Dublin in 1907. It is here at Dublin that Larkin founded Irish Transport and General Workers Union. Larkin formed the Union with the aim of creating one of the strongest Irish workers unions that would incorporate both the skilled and unskilled workers.

ITGWU became the first modern Irish Labor movement. Only close to 10% of Irish workers at that time belonged to any union, and all of them were in British based Unions.

By the year 1911, there was not much to report about ITGWU as it became an anti-climax of the expectations of the Irish workers. In 1911 Jim rather than conducting expensive strike opted to use other means to advocate for the right of workers and as a result founded the Irish Worker and People’s Advocate newspaper. The newspaper became a success as it was very popular and showed Jim as an editor with real abilities.

Larkin would later form the Irish Labor Party which would lead some industrial actions by workers. The party employed the use of sympathetic strikes method, boycotting of goods. It is at this point that Larkin came up with the famous slogan ‘’A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay”. The major companies that were targeted by the Irish Party in the strikes were Guinness and the Dublin United Tramway Company.

In 1913 Larkin organized one of the most severe industrial strikes in Dublin which was referred as the Dublin Lockout. The strike attracted more than 100,000 workers and lasted for nearly seven months. By the end of the seven months, the union achieved its goal of advocating for the fair rights of workers.

However, this was the beginning of the downfall of ITGWU. Larkin’s constant attack of the British Trade Union Congress led to the cessation of funding to the Union. Due to financial constraint at the union, Larkin left for the US to raise funds for the union.

Once in the US Larkin joined the Socialist Party of America. Larkin was later convicted of anarchy and communism in the US and was sentenced there. After serving for three years, he was pardoned and deported back to Ireland.

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Orange Coast College Shows Talent in Rowing Year after Year

Basking in the sun, eight individuals are oaring in Newport Harbor covered in sweat which glistens on their skin under the sun. In the middle of the harbor, a yellow needle measuring at 60 feet long is cutting through the water at 25 miles per hour.


As the Orange Coast College students are rowing away, one specific individual is full of adrenaline and yells at the top of his lungs, “2017 Nationals, Yeah”.


There is a limited number of amateur sports still left and rowing is one of them. The divine division of grace, unity and power is at the heart of the 9 people who work hard to stay in sync with one another. Learn more:


The team what is well known departs from Orange County on Thursday, May 25th. They are headed to the Nationals in Lake Lanier, Ga. All of the students are embodying their competitiveness which inches them forward in humanity.


The captain of the team, Daniel Amado is 22 and is a graduate of Los Alamitos High School. Before rowing for Orange Coast College, Daniel rowed in high school. Before this year, Daniel was unable to row after once breaking a disk in his back. After the break, Daniel was forced to sit out for a period of time to allow for his back to rest and heal.


Daniel speaks of using rowing as a way to bounce back from the injury. He speaks of using the last few years to pump up before heading to the University of Washington. The team at Washington is known to be a powerhouse and you have to be able to be physical as well as the mentality needed to row long periods of time.


Entering into the David A. Grant Rowing Center leaves a feeling of traveling back in history. The school has taken many trophies home when they won 11 National Titles. It was just last year when they took home their last title. Once inside, you are greeted by boats that are neatly stacked and red and white title flags hanging on the walls that display their national titles status from previous years.


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How is Securus Technologies Increasing Prison Security?

If I look back over all the years I have been working as a corrections officer in our state jail and compare violent outbreaks, this year has by far been the most dangerous. The volatile mix of drugs, weapons, and overcrowded conditions has finally reached a tipping point, and if we didn’t take action now, the jail could easily become impossible to control. Despite all of my fellow officers efforts, the violence was getting to the point that now guests and prison staff were being affected.


Our superiors reached out to Securus Technologies in an effort to try and maintain some order in our facility. Securus Technologies created a revolutionary call monitoring system that is capable of scanning every call every inmate makes on the house phones and isolate conversations about things like drugs, weapons, violence, contraband, fighting, and gangs. While the system is scanning those calls, we don’t need to tie up our officers in that call center any longer, so we have more officers on the grounds on the front lines maintaining order.


Securus Technologies already has 2.600 of these same inmate monitoring systems installed in jails all around the country. The company CEO, Rick Smith, says his company is dedicated to making our jobs safer. The LBS software is an essential key to the overall success of the system, identifying chatter and alerting my team instantly so that we can be in the position to take immediate action before the problem occurs.


After only a few weeks of the new monitoring system running, we have seen violence on the steady decline. Thanks to the Securus Technologies system, we discovered an inmate selling drugs, an inmate hiding drugs in his cell, where weapons were hidden in the yard, and how drugs were smuggled through our jail visitor center.


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The Frontera Fund Is Helping To Fight Abuses Carried Out By Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin, Village Voice Media Executives, were arrested by a “Selective Enforcement Unit” put together by Joe Arpaio and forcibly removed from their Phoenix-area homes on October 18, 2007. They were pushed into an unmarked SUV with tinted windows and Mexican license plates and booked into different jails that are managed by Arpaio. Initiated and driven by Arpaio, a man who calls himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff” the arrests were motivated by his being angry at his misdeeds being written about in stories published in Phoenix New Times. The newspaper exposed Arpaio’s role in creating an anti-Mexican climate, and when mainstream newspapers tried to write Arpaio up as a benign, misunderstood sheriff, Phoenix New Times reported the opposite. By exposing mismanagement and financial irregularities in Arpaio’s office and abuse of power that was aimed at Arpaio’s critics, the news organization revealed his true nature and uncovered poor health conditions his jails as well as poor treatment of inmates.


The arrest of Larkin and Lacey is being connected to a cover story they wrote in Phoenix New Times that showed how friends of Joe Arpaio’s inside the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office issued grand jury subpoenas aimed at uncovering details about Phoenix New Times readers, editors, and writers. This included private information like the IP addresses and personal browsing history of some of the newspaper’s readers. Instead of being intimidated by Arpaio, Larkin and Lacey wrote a story about the incidents. Larkin and Lacey were released within less than 24 hours of being put in jail due to a large national outcry.


Their illegal jailing started a long court battle concerned with abuse of power and First Amendment rights. The Ninth Court of Appeals, in 2012, noted released a statement that expressed their surprise at the assault on the First Amendment rights that were violated when Arpaio used his power to have his critics arrested. The court also recognized the illegitimacy of the grand jury subpoenas that had been served to Larkin and Lacey; the reason being that the prosecutor had ignored legal procedures and arrested Larkin and Lacey without probable cause.


Eventually, in 2013, Maricopa County paid $3.7 million in settlement funds to Larkin and Lacey, which they donated to the Frontera Fund, which is an initiative that helps the Latino community against civil rights abuses in Arizona. While sheriff Joe Arpaio is busy demonizing and detaining Mexican migrants, Larkin and Lacey are helping them.

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Kate Hudson and the Fabletics Wears

Kate Hudson is an actress and a fashion trendsetter. She believes that she was born to be an inspiration to other people. Her passion and ever-growing motivation to help women have lives full of health led her towards co-founding Fabletics. Every month, Fabletics have been sharing her favorite outfits. Every outfit approved by her has been greatly accepted all around the world. Fabletics was also co-founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Kate Hudson and the duo recognized the broad gap in the wear industry. Although the market contained a lot of excellent luxurious brands to wear, the other service providers never offered the right style at the right price.


In Fabletics, a right gear that gives you an inspiration to always remain active either in work out or any other sweaty activities is their pride. The wear has been designed specifically to suit customers from all walks of life. Beyond clothing, the company also strives to foster an informed community who will embrace their designs. The company always encourages people to live their passion in their day to day activities.


Fabletics is a company that has considered the needs of new and other loyal customers. When you sign up in Fabletics, 50 percent of the product you are buying is slashed. This offer usually lasts within the first hour after joining. This offer is guaranteed for joining the VIP. It only applies once on each order made and by one member. When you are checking out on the website, an offer is automatically applied. Remember the discount applies only after joining and cannot be combined with any other discount involved. It is time you need to rush and sign up to enjoy the latest offers in Fabletics. Don’t be left out!


In 2013, Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand won due to its command in the sports industry. The Fabletics sales increased by at least 43 percent in 2016 with a whopping $250 million rate revenue. When consumers understood Hudson’s mission, the company expanded its boundaries to become a plus size business. Hudson speaks about athleisure idea saying that she got passionate about it after rapping about it several times. The brand was meant to be used in the gym and is currently in a growing trend. Just like Amazon, Fabletics has majored in investing in the technology industry. Hudson believes to be successful in your enterprise; you first have to identify the niche in the market. Since she knows America struggles with health issues, Hudson decided to develop the athleisure brand. She always checks on the market trends in the industry and appreciates the large databases that help customers find wears in their descriptions. Hudson always recommends on risking by believing in yourself as a driving force. Her mother has always stood out as her real inspiration through her journey in the wear industry.