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Betsy DeVos Against the Bill to Revoke the Transgender Bathroom Order

While Barack Obama was President of the U. S., he did many great things for the country and took care of minorities such as transgender people. Previously, there had been confusion and a sense of unease and lack of security. Barack Obama introduced an order allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity. That allowed students to feel safer on campus.


With the new president came new problems, however, and transgender people are feeling more unsafe than ever. Students on campus have expressed their outrage after Trump revoked the Transgender Bathroom Order sending the nation into devastation. That single move allowed people to bully and harass transgender students without the fear of repercussions. The regulation had been enforced fir a reason by President Barack Obama and it significantly decreased bullying on campus. Trump, however, has expressed his opinion that transgender people do not need protection and others harassing them should not be a problem.


The Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos had opposed the bill to revoke the Transgender Bathroom Order as she feared the adverse consequences that transgender students would suffer if the order is revoked. That was one of the few times that students and teachers showed any kind of support for DeVos but it was all gone in a flash after she submitted to Trump’s pressure. Having signed the bill for revoking the Transgender Bathroom Order, Betsy DeVos expressed dedication towards her vow to protect every individual student from harm. Trump has also vowed to do so according to protocol but the businessman does not seem to remember and dismissed the reminder by Betsy DeVos with a wave of the hand at a recent conference session.


So, what is next for transgender students? How safe are they on campus now that President Obama’s protection has been revoked? The answer is grim. Transgender students, fellow students, and teachers have taken it to the streets and to social media to fight against the bill but so far Trump has been ignoring their rightful protests.


Meanwhile, Betsy DeVos is trying to amend the situation. She spoke about her disagreement with Trump’s objective to endanger transgender students and said she did not have the power to stir things in the right direction. Betsy DeVos stated she would not mind being worked out of the job as long as she keeps her promise to the students which is commendable.


In the past, Betsy DeVos has been strongly dedicated to charity in the education sector. She has donated a large part of her fortune to school, universities, as well as Christian schools. Her involvement in charity was only made stronger after the start if the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation.


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